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"I have performed the same role (moderator) at similar events over my career and don't think I've ever participated in one that was better run.  Excellent job, Chris - and all of you" Phil Ponce, Contributing Anchor, WTTW Public Television

"In December 2020, your Executive Committee hired Glatz Management Services as our outside administrator. Chris, Wendy and Amanda – we can’t thank you enough! Our team at Glatz made an immediate impact in communications, website operation and maintenance, financial reporting, recordkeeping, best practices advice and more. We are well-positioned for the future with Glatz on our side." Pamela Martinson, 2020 President, American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers

"Quite a moment in TMA history… a huge thank you to Chris and Glatz Management for seamlessly managing our first virtual program with 6 days lead time and 500 on the line." Angela Allen, TMA Chicago/Midwest Chapter President

"I've known Chris Glatz for more than a decade. Managing the billions of details that go into a successful event is NOT my zone of genius, so I have a ton of respect. Chris and her team are on point in terms of their logistical acumen, and also bring a lot of heart to the party." Andy Swindler, FeelReal

"Thank you so much for everything you, Sue, and the rest of your team has done and continues to do. You guys are consummate professionals and truly great people." Michael Brandess, TMA Chicago/Midwest Chapter President-Elect 2021

"I had the privilege of working with Christine and her company for several years as a director of the Chicago Chapter of CoreNet Global. Her firm was the organization manager at the time. I always found Glatz Management to be attentive, always professional and thorough!"  Chris Manheim, Manheim Solutions, Inc.

"Chris Glatz and her team are the best meeting planners, organizers and site selection people I've ever worked with." Bob Koester, MIS Financial/TMA Missouri Chapter Member

"Both of you, Chris and Michelle, deserve kudos! I know how hard you two work at this and the proof is in the results.

Really great event. Seems like one year keeps building on the next."  Kathleen Yosko, President, KCY Healthcare Advisors, Past IWF Signature Event Chair

"Thank you so much for orchestrating yet another successful Midwest Bariatric Summit.  I have been to all 6 now and believe this one was the best of all!  Great speakers and vendors, a wealth of new information including IH sessions, delicious food and happy hour!" Melodi Peters, RD, LDN Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

"Once again, an extraordinarily successful event in a great setting with a great group with everybody having a great time.  Kudos to Glatz Management for another huge success!"  Tom Jones, Concord Financial Advisors

"Tonight's event was perfect in every way and I know that didn't just happen.  Kudos to you and Sue and your entire staff (each of them is wonderful and warm and efficient)."  Melanie Rovner Cohen, Esq.

"You are all awesome!  Your insights, negotiations, relationships all played such an important role in creating a lovely event and great evening!"  Dorri McWhorter,
CEO, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

"Thank you for amazing work this past month and in particular the last few days.  Thank you for especially staying calm through to the end.  It made a difference."  Sylvia van Loveren, Senior Vice President, JLL